Black Panther – review

Black Panther is the latest entry in the MCU, following the events of Civil War, T’Chala is set to be crowned king but has to face inevitable challenges, both to his nation and to his potential royal title, the film stars Chadwick Boseman, Michael B Jordan, Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker, Danai Gurira, Lupita N’yongo, Winston Duke, Daniel Kaluuya, Letitia Wright, Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis.

After much hype and anticipation, Black Panther is here and is sort of a game changer for the MCU in more ways than one, being the first film in the cinematic universe with a majority black cast for one of course but the change brought on by the film goes deeper than that, though to start with that. The tone and feel of the film is just very different to previous Marvel films and you get Wakanda – and I mean a lot of Wakanda which is great and it’s crazy to think that at just over 2 hours, you barely scratch the surface of the nations lore and history. But you still get a real historical sense and understanding of it which is incredible for the average movie-goer, with just 1 or 2 brief mentions of Wakanda in the MCU previously, now knowing a fair amount about the fictional nation.

With the mis-en-scene and great production to help evoke the feeling of Wakanda being a real place – shielded by technology to the outside world, the visuals are fantastic and the vision of a technologically advanced African nation is so at odds with our modern view of Africa that it makes for great spectacle. It’s just great to see so much alternate cultural representation in a Marvel film of all things, with clear honouring and referencing to real African culture, clothing, jewellery and even body modification done respectfully, Wakanda is sort of a mish-mash of a lot of African tradition and culture rolled into one, making it quite the unique place.

The visuals on the whole are great, with well shot action scenes and a particularly notable and memorable fight sequence all done in one take – Netflix Dardevil style, from T’Chalas fight style to the Dora Milajes, the set pieces are well done and exciting with an emphasis on physicality and close combat, especially when it comes to the Panther suit itself.

One low point of the action is that early on some of it feels a bit out of focus which may be a technical error but it doesn’t remain an issue for the duration of the film, the CGI at times also looks a bit weightless. That being said, the films strengths far outweigh its few downfalls and it’s also an audible feast, with a brilliant soundtrack that evokes the culture represented in the film. Where Black Panther really shines is with its characters, a great ensemble cast with pretty much everyone giving an A+ performance, especially Chadwick Boseman and Michael B Jordan who kills it as Eric Killmonger (pun not intended), Andy Serkis is again great as Ulysses Claw and is clearly having a great time playing him. While the likes of Angela Bassett and Forest Whitaker bring some added gravitas to the film, with the dramatic moments hitting home and not being played off for laughs like previous Marvel films have been guilty of *Cough* Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2, there’s weight to death and sacrifice in the story and it helps to ramp up the drama.

The film brings maybe surprising depth with the themes it tackles head on with some unwavering bravery, even making you sympathize with the antagonist in Killmonger, it also raises some fascinating thoughts on the idea of tradition Vs modernity. the notion of your heroes being imperfect and nationalism, can/should loyalty to your nation stop you helping people from other nations? There’s a lot to unpack and delve into. But in my eyes the film may have a big enough impact on the MCU to rival even Civil War with events to take place in the future – though details would be spoiling things.

Ultimately Black Panther is just sort of great, a deep, emotional film with thought provoking and pertinent themes that feels very of the times, the Marvel-isms are there of course with frequent humour, inevitably conflict and action but the film felt like a well done character drama that just happens to be in the MCU. Opening up a new type of storytelling for future films and while this may not be the first big black or majority black film, it’s still a great step forward regardless in its depiction of women and for diversity in genre films – especially in the comic book film variety.


. Fantastic performances throughout the cast

. Engaging plot and story

. Brilliant characterisation, complex characters throughout the story

Jumani: Welcome To The Jungle – review

Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle is sort of a direct Jumanji sequel directed by Jake Kasdan and an update for the the 21st century, as we follow 4 very different teenagers in high school who are thrust together in detention, finding themselves playing a Jumanji video game and finding themselves inexplicably sucked inside of it. The film stars Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Karen Gillan and Nick Jonas.

Right off the bat, the film is derivative and feels inspired by other entries, I mean it definitely is Breakfast Club meets Tron with its set up of different teenagers in detention getting sucked into a game but I have to give the film its own credit for taking an existing idea and expanding on it. Things are changed around with the teenage characters becoming drastically different avatars in the game which is a central source of a lot of comedy in the film, the shy, scrawny Spencer is now the ripped Dr Smoulder Bravestone (Dwayne Johnson), while Fridge, the built football player in real life now finds himself in Kevin Harts body. The same applies with body switching for social outcast Martha who finds herself in a kick ass martial arts fighting woman and shallow popular girl Bethany who finds herself in the body of a middle aged man as she puts it as Jack Black.

The performances are all pretty on point as you’d probably expect, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart again show their great chemistry and sort of steal the show with their back and forths and interactions with Martha and Bethany as well but importantly, none of the performances feel too forced or like the actors are trying to hard, which is a fear I had for the film. Johnson especially is great as a make believe naïve teenage boy who can’t believe he’s now muscle bound and a de facto ladies man while Jack Black is quite funny as a make believe 16 year old girl.

Plot wise, things are a bit by the numbers and play out like the original Jumanji in more ways than one, which is a bit disappointing as the story could have done things a bit differently in the vein of its premise, events are localized in the video game rather than real life which is different but the plot fails to capitalize on the endless possibilities of being in a video game. You do get a few fun video game tropes but again, they’re not really expanded on and could have made for some really fun comedic beats – the idea of a controller dying/not working, glitches, invisible walls and barriers, leveling up etc are all things I just thought of off the cuff and things that could have provided some added laughs.

But ultimately the film is alright, not knee slapping-ly hilarious but not terrible either, it takes the idea of the original Jumanji and gives it a modern spin which is completely fine and the performances are quite fun but not enough is really done with the creative world of the video game which could have made the plot a bit more exciting and less generic.


. Well done comedy, good performances

. Plot is a bit generic

. Character interactions are fun, wouldn’t mind seeing them together again

The Cloverfield Paradox – review

The Cloverfield Paradox is the latest film in the sci-fi Cloverfield series, this outing is set in space, following a crew aboard a space ship aiming to get a source of energy that may just save humanity from itself, the film stars David Oyelowo, Gugu Mbatha raw, Chris O’Dowd, Daniel Bruhl, John Ortiz and Ziyi Zhang.

Ah where to start with Cloverfield Paradox, it’s sort of in the name actually… because the film sort of makes no sense and trying to tie it into Cloverfield or 10 Cloverfield Lane I guess does make a paradox. Time travel, inter-dimensional travel, god particles, the concepts are pretty high level but the basics are that we follow a crew in space trying to get endless renewable energy for the Earth, simple enough…. but this is apparently a prequel to Cloverfield, so the world we see is exactly the same as the 2008 film but they seemingly have nothing in common, with no mention of the Shepherd (the space ship in this film) or the energy crisis.

But non-sensical continuity aside, more than anything, its disappointing that the film missed a great chance to expand on previous films and give out some real answers, the story goes full JJ Abrams, raising about 10 questions for everyone one answered, with events happening seemingly at random as things go on. Almost as if to shout to the audience “Hey this is weird, betcha didnt see that coming!”, at best it’s intriguing writing and at worst it’s pandering to an direction-less engima machine with no real end goal in sight, effectively JJ Abrams ‘mystery box’ at work.

Which is further disappointing because the film actually has some good production value, it looks great and has a pretty good cast to boot, the likes of Daniel Brul, David Oyelowo to name a few and some great dramatic moments and nice sprinkling of levity in between. That being said, the film isn’t a completely LOST cause (pun intended, this is totally like LOST) and it is an engaging watch, the plot moving pretty much without taking a break but unfortunately the quick pacing and writing makes each new event feel a bit cheap and forced for the sake of a new random crisis as engaging as this also makes the plot.

I just don’t quite get the point of Cloverfield Paradox, a film that barely ties into the previous two in the series, a film that apparently wasn’t even a Cloverfield film at all but got adapted into one for some reason. Answering almost nothing but raising a number of new possibilities and despite a good cast and good production overall, the final product is something that adds nothing substantial to the overall series aside some incoherent new mythology and a bunch of new mysteries. Marketing itself on the back of the Cloverfield name to cynically get more eyes on the films in my view.


. Good cast and performances but mostly wasted on the film

. Seemingly random enigma machine in the vein of LOST, more unanswered questions

. Disappointing for anyone that wanted answers to the previous films

Ranking the Superbowl trailers

I know, its a bit late now for a Superbowl post but It’s another year and another Superbowl has gone by (which I didn’t really watch, due to being British) but I did catch a few trailers as I was still awake and excited to see first looks at a few films. Anyway here’s my ranking of what we did see, noting that some most ‘trailers’ were just 30 second TV spots.


Mission Impossible: Fallout

The new MI film is a film I had no expectations for up until about last week when I saw Cruise, Cavill and some of the cast on Graham Norton the other week and well, I’m pleasantly surprised as I ten to be with every new MI release. The premise looks interesting, Cruise again looks to be in his element and the action looks great, especially knowing he did all of them himself and with almost no CGI. The cast is again solid and the additions of Henry Cavill and Angela Bassett should spice things up, colour me interested.


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Now that’s now how you make a good Jurassic Park trailer, following the events of world, Owen and Claire are back on the island but not for long, volcanic eruption and all – and saving dinosaurs seems to be the main theme here but here comes some nefarious people who have gone and created another artificial dinosaur – cos that worked so well the last time right? Anyway it’s notably smaller this time but looks pretty menacing, I have to say I didn’t expect that and it may be tied into the notion of making armed, weaponised dinosaurs from Jurassic World, its stupid but still something different. Anyway the trailer’s good, with action, some horror elements and surprises, muc better trailer than the first one.


Avengers: Infinity War

We already have our first full trailer for the film, just 3 months away now and of course, it looks good but we get some new footage here, mostly character stills from different locations with some interesting interactions – Iron Man and Dr Strange, Cap and Black Panther (which we saw already) but with Caps new shield in action. I’m intrigued to see why the Avengers are all in varying locations and how everything ties together with Thanos being the big threat but Wakanda seems to be the central location for the action to took place…. or so I think. Good teaser overall.


Solo: A Star Wars Story

I’ve wanted to see something, anything from Solo for a while now and we finally got our first look at it, it’s hard to really judge anything of note from 30 seconds or random footage but it looks…. not terrible I guess? Alden Ehnreichs hair still looks a bit ridiculous but there’s some interesting looking action and the visuals look a bit gritty in the vein of Rogue One so if it’s anything approaching the quality of Rogue One then we should be in for a treat.


The Cloverfield Paradox

I have not yet seen Paradox but I don’t really know what to make of this teaser either way, it was so out of the blue and well, strange and though I love Cloverfield, I’m a bit wary on the announcement of random sequels/prequels with no build up whatsoever. Anyway its enough to get me to watch the film but yeah, it’s a bit odd.



In what may be the most Dwayne Johnson film ever, DJ is a loving father with a wife and 2 kids who has to somehow get them off a really high floor on a skyscraper that’s on fire… of course he does, it looks stupid and generic but I’ll probably watch it, because Dwayne.

February film preview

Hey, hello reader, I’m still here – I’ve just been busy and admittedly a bit neglectful to the blog and I somehow missed the January film preview for 2018 which is a shame, but I didn’t want to let that become a habit so here is my first official film month preview for the year.

And would you look at that, after a so-so January for films, we have a few big’uns on the way already as we delve further into winter. (US release dates by default)


Black Panther – Released on the 16th of February

Directed by Ryan Coogler

Starring: Chadwick Boseman, Michael B Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Martin Freeman, Daniel Kaluuya, Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker and Andy Serkis.

The latest entry in the MCU and last film before the game changing Infinity War sees the action take place in the secluded Wakanda this time around, as we follow T’Chala ascendence to the role of king after the death of his father, though he has to contend with direct challenges to his rule and ot the safety of his nation.


Early Man – released on the 16th of February (already out in the UK)

Directed by Nick Park

Starring: Tom Hiddleston, Maisie Williams, Eddie Redmayne, Timothy Spall, Miriam Margoyles, Richard Ayoade.

Stop motion comedy in the pre-historic era as Dug and Hognob unite together against an enemy force.


The Party – released on the 16th of February (already out in the UK)

Directed by Sally Potter

Starring: Sally Potter, Cillian Murphy, Emily Mortimer, Timothy Spall, Kristin Scott Thomas, Cherry Jones.

Black comedy set around the events of a house party thrown by Janet to celebrate, that quickly goes off the walls as things aren’t exactly what they seem and revelations come to the surface.


Anhilation – released on the 23rd of February

Directed by Alex Garland

Starring: Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson, Oscar Isaac

Sci-fi fantasy film based on a novel of the same name, based around a group of soldiers who investgiate an environmental disaster, after finding a lone surviving soldier, trying to uncover what caused the disaster.

Nerve – review

Nerve is a high school drama and thriller directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, as a frustrated senior student in high school finds herself thrust into the world of the online game ‘Nerve’, which sees people performing dares for money as a community of people online watches. The film stars Emma Roberts, Dave Franco, Juliette Lewis, Emily Meade and Miles Heizer.

This is not your typical high school drama, as we follow Vee (Emma Roberts), a somewhat shy, anxious high school senior about to embark to college in a few months time, she has a good set of friends and a stable upbringing but she feels like she could be doing more with herself, which comes to the forefront as it turns out that her friend see her as being a bit safe, lacking an adventurous spirit. And thus the story in essence begins and say hello to ‘Nerve’, a near future online game that’s sweeping her high school and teenagers all around the city, seeing people dare each other for money, increasing in value as the dares get more outrageous and you know, illegal.

I really like the premise for the film as it strays away from the typical high school drama, involving technology quite heavily in the story, it’s almost like if the Watchdogs game got a live action spin off film, set in high school. Though that being said, you do still get the tropes of high school drama with Vee and her best friend Sydney having underlying issues with each other and with things coming to the surface over boys, the good thing is that the plot doesn’t necessarily drown in this melodrama however and the pacing keeps things moving at an interesting, engaging pace.

The fun of the ‘Nerve’ game is its unpredictability, which takes the plot in a visceral, interesting direction as you don’t know what dare Vee will take on next or if she’ll do any dares whatsoever, with the wild card Ian (Dave Franco) bringing an interesting dynamic the plot and serving as a love interest for Vee simultaneously, Franco shines in the role and comes across very naturally in a sort of reckless, cocky way with a touch of charm to himself. Meanwhile Emma Roberts is again great as the main character in a high school drama, effortlessly switching from mean queen in some TV shows she’s starred in, to out of her depth shy girl in Nerve. With the acting on the whole being quite solid.

Nerve is a pleasant surprise, an engaging story that feels of the time with online communities and what anonymity online can make people do, making an interesting social commentary while also charting a sort of coming of age story for Vee who does change along her journey. The plot serving like a cautionary tale to young peoples obsession with being online and fringe activities they may participate it in, just to be a part of the conversation among peers.


. Well paced, engaging plot

. Good performances

. Interesting mix of technology with story

Ranking Black Mirror (season 3)

So I only recently realised I’d never actually finished watching season 3, missing out on episode 6, well I watched it and can now make my definitive ranking. This was the first season that was more widely available to audiences worldwide as it aired on Netflix exclusively as opposed to Channel 4 like previous seasons.

Hated In The Nation (episode 6)

One of the more recent episodes I’ve seen and at feature length (being just shy of 90 minutes long), this episode feels like… a feature length film and less like a Black Mirror episode but it still contains the series dark sensibilities and cold social commentary. Featuring swams of autonomous bees that are used to attack and essentially kill people that get targeted through a viral hash tag on social media, the allegory is on the nose and obvious, the bees representing the swarms of people attacking individuals for perceived bad actions/behaviour.

The commentary is all the more biting because this happens right now, not to the extent of people being killed by robotic bees but you get the point, people have been hounded to death online and online bullying is a real thing, it’s a dark and sickening side to the internet but a side that we all know exists. Themes aside, the way the episode is shot, the pacing and the acting is all on point as well, resulting in a very high quality end product and the best episode of the season.


Playtest (episode 2)

Playtest feels like an episode right out of The Twilight Zone, an intriguing premise, twists and turns galore and an unwravelling plot that has you pretty much hooked from the offset. The acting is quite good in the episode as well and helps to make some of the more horror like scenes work, it’s a more psychological horror than a thriller in fact and there are some pretty genuinely unsettling moments. There’s also an interesting commentary on new technology, playing into our fears about the unknown when it comes to new technology and things that could go horribly wrong, not to mention the pretty harrowing and gut punch of a twist, episodes like this are what have the series so memorable.


Shut up and dance (episode 3)

One of the darkest episode in the whole series and another on the nose commentary of social medias dark side, this episode feels very poignant as we follow an individual who is harassed and forced to undertake crazy tasks to avoid his dark secret being exposed to the world, all for the enjoyment of people online despite him going through a living hell. You’re left after watching the episode wondering what the point of all it was, ruining someones life just because you can just for your own twisted entertainment? It seems completely sadistic and cruel but hey, trolls actually exist… again this feels all too real and helped with the emotional impact of the story.


Nosedive (episode 1)

Bryce Dallas Howard stars as the main character in this story just 5 minutes from now in a twisted alternate reality that sees everyones lives being rated, lower rated people are shunned out of society and frowned upon while the higher rated people live their best lives, it’s a twisted, warped version of reality but perception really can be real. And with social media, this concept of rating each others lives again feels very modern and not too far off in the future, though it’s taken to the extreme. I like the central message presented as well as I take it, that it’s okay to live how you want to and not feel like you need to conform to societal expectations, presenting a fake, superficial facade of yourself just to please others, I mean life’s too short for that anyway!


Men Against Fire (episode 5)

A weird sort of dystopian VR nightmare, this episodes story didn’t quite grab me despite an interesting looking premise, the acting is okay as well but the plot just felt a bit samey and I could sort of see where they were going with the twist/reveal which didn’t have too much of an impact.


San Junipero (episode 4)

This just might be the episode from season 3 I’ve seen mentioned the most on social media and in positive terms but it didn’t really do anything for me, in part because I’ve seen plots like this before in different forms and it wasn’t anything new, though despite that I appreciate that at the heart of the story is a touching, somewhat bittersweet love story.

Ranking Black Mirror (season 2)

So Black Mirror‘s sort of a brilliant anthology show that I’ve never really talked about on TheDoc but now with its growing popularity and everyone knowing about it because of Netflix, it’s on just about everyones radar and for good reason, with the quality of the writing and directing in a lot of the episodes.


White Bear (episode 2) 

There’s something satisfying yet also a bit twisted in seeing people get their comeuppance and taste of justice in the way Black Mirror does it anyway, but an intriguing premise and a feeling of karma drives the story, as we follow a bystander of an accident who didn’t help, now being recorded and watched by people as she seemingly embarks on a sort of reality show. The story is tense, keeps you guessing and makes a clear allegory to societies obsession with watching other people, especially at their lowest, the bystander effect is a real thing and is all too common in this day and age.


The Waldo Moment (episode 3)

Stinging political satire and all the more relevant in the age of Donald Trump and the circus-ification of politics, the premise is completely absurd but at the same time all to real and poignant in this day and age. A story that feels very relevant, even years before the state of politics as we know it now. It’s an interesting and it makes for a very irreverent, sarcastic take on the gamification of many aspects of society, including politics and how making a joke out of something can lead to a run away impact / monster that you can’t control anymore, just take a look at viral trends for a sort of comparison.This is Black Mirror at some of its most satirical and sardonic nature.


Be Right Back (episode 1) 

‘Be right back’ didn’t really resonate with me that much but I appreciate the idea behind the macabre premise, though maybe because I’ve seen the idea so many times before it didn’t really make that much of an impact on me. That being said, the acting is decent and there is a strong emotional core to the story of two lovers trying to connect beyond death in a rather superficial way via technology. The emphasis here in my view being that technology can only imitate and provide virtual experiences, which can never beat the real thing, no matter how close they come…. even with futuristic technology.

Ranking Black Mirror (season 1)

So there’s this little anthology show called Black Mirror that you may have heard of and may be watching right now…. or very recently, well it’s great and though I’ve never really talked about it on here, I’ve been watching it since it started here in the UK in 2011, exploring dark, dystopian futures that expand on modern lifes obsession with technology. I also love sci-fi and modern/emerging tech so the show really hits the spot for me, anyway I’m almost through season 4 and will rank that soon but I’m starting off with the first season and moving forward. Here’s my ranking (I haven’t seen The Entire history of you).


The National Anthem (episode 1)

A princess in the royal family has been kidnapped and her kidnapper well… he has a very specific set of demands for UK prime minister Michael Callow, forcing him to take drastic measures in order to get her back, in a very politically charged climate at the time of the episode and even more so now in the UK, the premise felt very of the times albeit a bit to extremes (like every Black Mirror premise). But with some good acting (Rory Kinnear as the PM), great tension and a plot that kept you guessing, you really didn’t know how it was going to end and that kept things interesting, also delving into the fact of being faced with impossible situations, would you humiliate yourself and possibly end your career to save someones life? It’s a immoral and dark question you’ll probably never face but epitomizes the essence of the show.

it may be one of the more forgotten episode among recent seasons but it’s still one of the best.


Fifty Million Merits (episode 2)

A biting sarcastic look at reality TV and the lengths people go to, to get fame and fortune, this is very much a commentary on our current society and the sometimes unfortunate mental state of people who go on such shows and the way they get exploited for views or get surprising opportunities to continue to work in the media off the back of controversial behaviour or actions. With an interesting ending to boot that is genuinely quite surprising, almost undermining the whole premise of the episode, it serves as some great satire to the way reality TV and parts of the media work. Also an early starring role for Daniel Kaluuya (star of Get Out, also in the upcoming Black Panther)

Top 5 anticipated 2018 films

2017 is dead, long live 2018… yeah I know, we just crossed into the new year but I’ve already seen the likes of Collider video and Schmoesknow with top 10 lists for films out next year and I’m sure you already have a handful you’re looking forward to so yeah, here are my top 5 films I’m anticipating, not top 10 for a change because I always end up not liking 3-4 films on each list I make each year. (US release dates by default).

And I just want to do something different this time around and also they’re in no particular order so here goes.


Black Panther – February 16th

Director: Ryan Coogler

More Marvel films being on my list go pretty much goes without saying at this point but Black Panther in a word looks, slick, it’s a Marvel film with a difference as we’re not really getting T’chalas origin story as he has already donned the Panther persona but seeing more of Wakanda is pretty intriguing. An almost all black cast is a first for a superhero and a Marvel film and the choice of actors is also on point with a wealth of talented actors, the set pieces look fun and the melding of tradition and culture


Avengers: Infinity War – May 4th

Director: Joe & Anthony Russo

No top 5 or 10 list can really be complete without Infinity War, maybe some people are a bit tired of the super hero formula that Marvel has nailed but a lot of people are pumped and understandably so, the crescendo of the MCU as we’ve known it may see some character deaths and introductions as we slide into phase 4 and get a whole new style of Marvel films. Based somewhat on the Infinity War storyline, the stakes have never been higher and seeing all of your favourite Marvel characters come crashing together stokes excitement and interest the likes of which we haven’t seen since well, The Avengers though Batman V Superman also got a lot of filmgoers excited. Anyway I’m expecting good things, a darker tone, some resolution to character arcs and some impactful drama, I can’t wait!


Venom – October 5th

Director: Ruben Fleischer

A standalone film in the Spiderverse (sort of) starring Tom Hardy as Venom? I’ve been signed up to this film for a few months now since we heard of Hardy being cast at least, the concept is a brave and bold one and could spark a new wave of comic book films centred on antagonists if it’s a big enough of a hit. The film being outside of Marvel could also allow it to be quite dark and adult which is intriguing, we could see interesting sides to Eddie Brock/Venom, especially with such a talented lead in Tom Hardy.


Incredibles 2 – June 15th

Director: Brad Bird

The sequel we’ve also sort of been low key waiting for is just 6 months away, following up on one of the best superhero and animated films ever really, the premise for the story is brilliant and executed so well off of such a straightforward idea that I’m intrigued to see where Pixar takes the story. Hopefully still focusing on the heavily family side to things and the humour that derives from it along with some well done action, it should be a good one.


The Predator – August 3rd

Directed by: Shane Black

Shane Black doing a Predator film? Interesting… I’ve never been a huge Predator fan but I’m quite eager to see a new film in the franchise and some new ideas for stories, the predator is still one of the most uniquely made and interesting aliens in sci-fi that hasn’t quite been done justice in films aside maybe 2 (Predator and Predators), so we’re well overdue for some quality, hard hitting new Predator films.

Notable mentions:

The New Mutants, Solo (A Star Wars Story), Deadpool 2, The Purge: The Island, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald