2017 was another year chock full of comic book/superhero films,and one of the best years in recent years, some might say, Marvel had another strong year but so did DC I’d say, with Wonder Woman being a bonafide hit and showing the DCEU can do it right, yes there were ups and downs with other films but we can go into that another time. For now, let’s rank the comic book films of this year.


1) Spiderman: Homecoming – 8/10

One of 3 Marvel and MCU films this year, the latest Spiderman film is an entertaining welcome for Spidey to the MCU in the funniest Spiderman film to date, Tom Holland very much embodies a teenage Peter Parker in his insecurities, relationships and coming to terms with being a superpowered teenager, we don’t get bored with the same old origin story as well because Peter is already a semi-experienced hero, which is fun. The vulture makes for a fairly good villain as well, especially for a Marvel film, Michael Keaton espouses genuine malice about him and feels ‘real’, while the supporting cast aside Keaton does a good job and makes for fun character interactions due to the films top notch writing. Oh and Robert Downey Jr, having added Iron Man in the film never hurts.


2) Wonder Woman – 7.5/10

One of the best films in the DCEU is definitely Wonder Woman (not the best, Man Of Steel is obviously) and a wonderful film it is, with some great visuals, coherent, straightforward storytelling and interesting exploration of lore and legends in the DC universe, we get to see WWI told with a difference and it makes for an intriguing viewing. Gal Gadot is a superb in the role and plays Diana in her wisdom, strength and naivety with likability and accuracy, playing off well with Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, oh and don’t forget the set pieces as well which are pretty great, showing just a taste of what Diana can do.


3) Logan – 7.5/10

Hugh Jackmans portrayal as Wolverine came to an emotional, impactful ending with Logan, a real gut punch of a film that brings things around full circle and closes off the chapter of the character on the big screen as we know it and boy is there closure, the performances are something to be noted as well, especially Patrick Stewart as a dementia suffering, aged Professor X and of course Jackman as a jaded, almost unrecognizable Logan. The film is real and almost unrelentingly bleak but it’s lit up by some rays of hope with X-23 and a potential future hinting at things that could come, an impactful, engaging comic book film with no third act sky beams or CG villain in 2017? I’ll take that any day, thank you.


4) Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 – 7.5/10

The sequel to Guardians is a surprisingly emotional one, coming at audiences with a few left turns that you probably didn’t see coming at all, we find out a bit more about Peter Quills background, namely in relation to his father and get some new additions to the team, the jokes come in thick and fast as is to be expected but they mostly land, with some genuinely funny character interactions and relationships.


5) Thor: Ragnarok – 7/10

The latest Thor film is probably the best in the series, very funny and quirky, clearly showcasing the intelligent Taika Waititis sense of humour, we do also get to see interesting sides to Asgardian lore, Thor and some more of the Hulk which is fun, returning characters (Hulk, Loki) are great and new ones make for some fun interactions, namely Valkyrie and the badass Hela. Ragnarok still suffers from generic Marvel villain syndrome and an abundance of humour that removes from dramatic impact in places but the final result is an entertaining, engaging romp and if that’s what Waititi and Marvel intended to do with the story, they succeeded.


6) Justice League – 6.5/10

The DCEUs latest and possibly most important film is a bit of a bomb according to some, not grossing the astronomical amounts that it really should have and not doing so well critically speaking but not all is bad, it’s not terrible and it’s actually rather fun, the problem being that it’s a bit of mish mash of tone and you can tell the film had more than one director (Snyder and Whedon). It’s great to see the league together nonetheless, the humour lands generally, the set pieces are well done but the story is let down by a rushed final third and generic CG villain (which every comic book film seems to have nowadays anyway), the film is a step in the right direction but DC can do better.

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