Month: July 2017

The Walking Dead season 8 trailer #1 – comic con

So we have our first look at the upcoming and anticipated season 8 of The Walking Dead in a 5 minute long trailer from AMC, it’s all out war, between Alexandria, the Kingdom and The Saviours / Garbage people now after an eventful season 7 finale. And to start off, Negan has Father Gabriel for some reason.

We see several of Ricks group split off from each other, either scoping out areas or travelling, there seems to be a bit of reconnaissance being carried out as well as it looks like Ricks group is plotting and preparing for conflict, we hear Rick talking about when he met Jesus (not the literal Jesus of course) and how he described to him how Ricks’ world was going to expand and it sure has in the last 2 seasons. Rick now sounds a lot more determined and driven which is a nice touch as he was a bit neutered last season, until the final few episodes and seeing him clash with Negan will be quite something, neither man wanting to compromise or back down.

We also see King Ezekiel bloodied with one of his warriors which is interesting as we haven’t seen the King in the thick of it just yet and even seeing Morgan in the fray is quite a change, as even he’s been driven to action after certain events last season. There’s a general mix of action and some combat from scenes in the season but not a lot of Negan interestingly, I suppose that would spoil things from his perspective and most intriguing of all, we end with a shot of Rick in a bed, white bearded and all…. does this mean Rick’s been dreaming the entire show!? (obviously not!) but this could imply there’s a time skip coming….. we shall see.

The Walking Dead season 8 premieres on the 10th of October.

RIP Chester Bennington

So this isn’t film or TV related of course but I had to post this as tragic news of Linkin Parks frontman Chester Benningtons passing broke earlier tonight and it’s pretty devastating news at that, Linkin Park are one of my favourite bands and Chester always came across as a passionate, warm and kind soul.

And to just hear this news so suddenly is real shock to the system, I’ve listened to the band for most of my adult life and I quite literally grew up listening to them, through thick and thin and through their ups and downs, they’ve remained a staple in rock and Chesters’ – and the band have been one of the biggest influences on alt rock and rock in the past 17+ years. And though this news is terrible, any fan out there can take solace in knowing Chester influence people, the world even for the better and inspired and helped countless people with Linkin Parks’ music. Rest in Peace Chester, you will be sorely missed!

Kingsman: The Golden Circle trailer #2

We have our 2nd trailer for the new upcoming Kingsman film, out in a few months (September) and it’s looking pretty great, with some new footage of the Kingsman and Statesmen – the American counterparts of the Kingsman, who work together in this sequel, seemingly after Kingsman HQ is destroyed by the villainous Poppy (Julianne Moore).

Harry (Colin Firth) is also back as we found out in the first trailer and as to how he’s back from the dead, we’ll have to wait and find out but that’s a pretty big mystery and I’m suspecting the reason will also be fairly humorous. Overall the tone is pretty much as the first film, very fast paced, frenetic looking and over the top action, resembling a live action cartoon in Matthew Vaughns’ signature style.

And with the Statesmen now on board – including Jeff Brides as Agent Champane, this should be a lot of fun, with a mix of cultures, personality and the somewhat dark humour that was in Kingsman and I can’t wait to see it!

4 films to look forward to for the rest of 2017

4 films to look forward to

Well, we’re already over half way into 2017. But the rest of year still has some mouth-watering content in store for film lovers. There is a lot to anticipate, a lot to delight in and definitely a lot of must-see films of this year. Here are a few of 2017’s most awaited films to look forward to.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

This is the second film in the Star Wars sequence produced by Lucasfilm and will be starring Carrie Fisher (who sadly passed away in December 2016 while on her final film role with The Last Jedi), Daisy Ridley, Mark Hamill, Oscar Isaac, Gwendoline Christie, Anthony Daniels, John Boyega and Andy Serkis in returning roles following the critical hit that as Star Wars: The Force awakens. Debuting in this is Kelly Marie Tran, Benicio Del Toro, and Laura Dern. With the array of stars playing a part in this film, it is still noteworthy to state that Rian Johnson – the genius behind small scale projects like Looper and Brick is the brilliant director behind this big blockbuster, a definitive change for him. And with a seemingly darker tone and Luke calling for the Jedi to end, any Star Wars fan and dare I say any avid film fans curiosity is probably already peaked by now, December can’t come soon enough.


Kingsman: The Golden Circle

This British-American comedy spy film following the 2014 film Kingsman: The Secret Service will hopefull not disappoint. The 2014 release leaves a lot to savor, with its quirky and often blunt humour, it was a manic thrill ride and showed that spy films can still be a lot of fun. The Golden Circle brings along a whole different dimension to the world of the Kingsman with Statesmen, the Kingsman American counterparts and you definitely would not want to miss this. Julianne Moore is yet another ‘super villain’. Co-writer Jane Goldman describes her performance – saying she fills the shoes of Sam Jackson perfectly without any feeling of intimidation. And with the brilliant Matthew Vaughn at the helm, you can expect yet more frenetic action, twists, turns and general excitement.


Thor: Ragnarok

This upcoming MCU film is the third entry in Marvel’s Thor series which sees Thor the Norse god of thunder embark an some sort of interstellar journey for redemption, after his hammer – Mjolnir is destroyed by Hela and she sets off the catastrophic event called Ragnarok. Also starring again is his mischievous brother Loki – Tom Hiddleston, Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) and Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch). Hela (Cate Blanchett) is the villain in the film while Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) is the new love interest. There is a lot to look forward to here, Thor with a new look, Thor fighting Hulk, Thor having to essentially save Asgard and defeat Hela, you name it, also the the film is directed by New Zealand’s Taika Waititi – director of super hit films – Hunt for the Wilderpeople and What We Do in the Shadows so you can expect some top notch humour and a hefty amount of levity.


Logan Lucky

Upcoming comedy film scheduled to be released on August 18, 2017 is a promising delight to anticipate. Channing Tatum and Adam Driver feature as brothers and plan a raid during a NASCAR race. And if the trailer is anything to go buy, we’ll be in for some dry, deadpan humour with a fairly unique premise as far as crime heist films go, I’d probably go and see the film just to see Daniel Craig as Joe Bang to be honest as he looks like he’ll be a riot. Steven Soderbergh brings his ingenuity to the fore in directing Logan Lucky, excitedly returning from retirement after just four years and bringing his unique directorial touch.

Game Of Thrones Season 7 x 1: Dragonstone recap

So I’m going to be doing a GOT re-cap series for season 7 and 8 because why not, I’m not usually big on re-caps but as we are now amongst last 2 seasons, I’m jumping right in.Winter is here.

We open with Walder Frey talking to his sons and allies, recapping the red-wedding and this part had me a bit confused to be honest as I thought it was another re-cap. But no, things aren’t quite what they seem as the Freys and his allies begin dying slowly as Walder talks to them about the cowardly act of the red wedding and no, that’s not Walder, that’s Arya Stark, who takes off her (face) because, magic and reveals herself, telling a servant girl to tell people that the North remembers and what a start to the episode.

At the wall, Meera Reed and Bran Stark get let in after Bran convinces the watchmen he is who he is.

On to Winterfell, where Jon Snow now has the support of both a lot of the Wildlings, the Watchmen and several northern houses. Jon plots for defending the wall against the oncoming White Walkers, calling for every man, woman and child above the age of 10 to take up arms, Jon also plans to re-enlist the help for the Umbars, Carstarks and other houses that betrayed the Starks not wanting to punish sons for their father sins as he puts it. Though this causes a disagreement with Sansa, who clearly doesn’t agree, along with some of the other men. The seeds of division are being set I feel and Jon / Sansa butting heads and while predictable, this could make for some interesting drama with Jon unwavering in his decisions, while Littlefinger watches on and no doubt has plans on his mind.

Jon and Sansa have a sibling chat over Jons rule and Neds life advice and it’s clear that they don’t see eye to eye. A messenger passes on a letter from Kings Landing, calling for Jon to come down and swear loyalty to queen Cersei or face the consequences – the Lannisters are making moves. In Kings Landing, Cersei commissions a painting of Westeros, while Jamie questions her, they discuss Daenerys and her plans to invade Westeros, the Starks and the Lannisters enemies, Cersei seems more bold and aggressive in her plans while Jamie is clearly more cautious, understandably, “we can’t win this war alone” nicely sums up his feelings.

Meanwhile, Euron Greyjoy has been invited to Kings Landing by Cersei, along with his armada, so this is Cerseis’ response to need allies huh…. Euron dishes on his siblings who stole some of his ships and ran away, comparing them to Tyrions betraying the Lannisters, so hey we all hate our siblings, let’s do this. But as it turns out, Jamie isn’t a big fan of Eurons’ and neither is Cersei as she declines a marriage proposal from Euron because y’know, weird incest love and also because Euron is a bit shady.

Sam is at work in the Citadel, doing his maester duties and seemingly disillusioned with his repetitive tasks which involve cleaning out bogs and stacking book shelves (we’ve all been there buddy, maybe not the cleaning toilets part though), anyway Sam spots a restricted section in the grand library and wants to access it, enquiring with a maester about it. Though he’s met with skepticism and doubt, Sam gets sneaky and takes matters into his hands as he wants information on fighting the White Walkers.

Back in Winterfell, Brienne trains Podrick in sword fighting, while Littlefinger worms his way into Sansas’ ear, though she’s definitely not on his side, Brienne clearly isn’t a fan of his either. In a random part of the Riverlands, Ed Sheeran makes a cameo… yes Ed Sheeran, a group of armoured fighters offer Arya food and they bond, in a pretty strange scene but an interesting one, showing Arya there are still good hearted, decent people in Westeros. Berrick Dondarion and The Hound are still together travelling and hunker down for shelter and they err, bond…? In the way The Hound best knows at least, interestingly The Hound sees a vision of the White Walkers marching in the fire and seems to be a new convert, or at least seems more open to the idea of a divine deity.

In the Citadel, Sam uncovers a text on Dragonstone and it turns out there’s a crapload of Dragonglass somewhere near it, important information for Jon Snow and the northmen, you bet. And don’t forget Daenerys guys, still on her way to Westeros, she reaches Dragonstone with her entourage and symbolically walks ashore and into the castle, getting a real taste of the life of Targaryen royalty, it’s great to see Dany nearing her goal and Dragonstones’ interior looks pretty spectacular.

Overall the first episode is decent, there’s a bit of set up for things to come and I wasn’t expecting things to be 100mph out of the gate anyway, tensions between Jon and Sansa are clearly evident, while Cersei plots to defend Kings land as Daenerys begins to plot her conquest of Westeros presumably, exciting times are ahead for sure. And we will get there, they’re running out of time to tell the story after all!

RIP George Romero

So this is a bit of sad news for the film community and for film culture in general with the passing of visionary film director, George Romero at the age of 77 after battling lung cancer, he’s definitely one of the all time greats in directing in terms of his influence, creativity and inspiration on generations of directors to come since. And an icon in horror on film, up there with Wes Craven and Stephen King.

And for essentially creating the zombie film as we know it today, after his ground breaking Dawn of the Dead film, he continued through his career to push boundaries and make interesting, through provoking films, what struck me about Romero as a filmmaker was just his sheer passion and dedication to the work that he did and you can see this in a few prominent directors out there, the Scorceses’, Spielbergs’ and Nolans’. But Romero represented an old school passion for a certain craft and it’s rare/nigh on unheard of for a director to stick to one genre and one genre alone for their career but he ostensibly did and did it well so hats off to you George, your legacy and career won’t be forgotten, rest in peace.

The new Doctor Who is…. Jodie Whittaker

So with this website being called Docthewho, there’s a definite lack of Doctor Who content and I acknowledge that, but hey here we go, we have our new Doctor following the incumbent Peter Capaldi and the Doctor is now female and specifically, Jodie Whittaker (from Attack The Block and more commonly known from the popular mystery drama Broadchurch).

Jodie Whittaker’s a welcome change in my opinion, a fresh actor from a popular show with some TV experience under her belt and yes she’s a woman and that shouldn’t really be the biggest news – but this is the internet so of course it will be! But to address that, again it’s a welcome change, there’s no reason why the Doctor can’t be a woman, black, asian, gay and so on just because he hasn’t been historically and the character can be written any way the writers and show runners want, so I’m all for it.

I like the idea of Jodie coming in to take things in a new direction nonetheless as I found the last season of Who to be a bit stale with Capaldi, some fresh writing, new ideas and more interesting stories could go a long way, so here’s hoping Ms Whittaker will do a great job!

Ranking Spidermans cinematic villains so far

So Spiderman is a great character as you know and he also has one of the more dynamic, interesting villain galleries out there, especially for a Marvel character, we’ve seen a fair few of them, including some of his most iconic nemeses in the now 6 live action films we’ve seen and here is my ranking of them, in order from best to worst for me.

Doctor Octopus – (Spiderman 2)

Alfred Molina expertly played the more affectionately known Doc Ock in Spiderman 2 of course and he’s a great villain, both menacing and sympathetic, Molina brought a lot of nuance and depth to the role and he’s also a genuine threat to Spidey because of his physicality and his intellect, a great match for the beloved hero. He also wasn’t a villain that wanted to just destroy New York or the world because, hey he’s evil, he had motivations and inspirations and well, sort of got driven crazy and evil but still fought back against his dark desires. Admittedly, Doc Ock is a bit more evil genius in the comics but the film version gave him some great depth.


The Vulture – (Spiderman: Homecoming)

The most recent Spiderman villain is another great one, Michael Keaton does great in the role, in portraying arguably the most sympathetic villain to date, just a guy sort of out on his luck who you can totally understand and sort of even support, he’s not evil but just wants to support his family… through nefarious means, he also doesn’t really kill people so, that’s something different. Homecomings portrayal removes the characters magical elements and grounds him in technology as well, which feels quite modern and current.


Green Goblin – (Spiderman)

The OG Spiderman film is somewhat iconic in the modern comic book film pantheon, with Spidey taking on his most iconic villain, go figure, played very appropriately, in a manic way by Willem Dafoe, who really nailed the characters maniacal behaviour, his unpredictability and lack of regard for people make him both dangerous and a threat to the people around Peter and seeing Peter have to try and stop him and save others simultaneously is always interesting. And while there may not be too much depth to the Green Goblin persona, he fulfils the ropey evil villain niche well enough.


The Lizard – (The Amazing Spiderman)

I actually quite liked The Lizard aka Curt Connors from The Amazing Spiderman, he was also one of my favourite villains from The Amazing Spiderman show from the 90s, he’s just an interesting modern Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, being a brilliant scientist… and also a bipedal humanoid lizard at times, go figure. I think he was good in the film though, portraying the duality in his personality quite well and being a bit of a conflicted character, though he didn’t really seem to be bare too huge of a threat to Spidey, I felt and his menacing nature as the Lizard fell a bit flat.


Sandman – (Spiderman 3)

I don’t know about you but I think Sandman’s just pretty cool, his powers and everything, turning into a giant sand thingy and doing all sorts of physics defying things because he’s…. also made out of sand, it’s just sort of cool, right? Well in my opinion anyway, Thomas Haden Church also gave a pretty good performance for the character, who has great motivations and is a formidable opponent, one of the highlights of the not so stellar Spiderman 3 for sure and in a better film, who knows, we may have just been talking about Sandman as a great villain.


Electro – (The Amazing Spiderman 2)

Okay right off the bat, Jamie Foxx is awesome as Electro in my opinion and the man can really transform himself from role to role, being a misunderstood and forgotten worker, you can sort of understand his frustrations and his actions, also being able to turn himself into electricity makes him incredibly formidable and pretty much ubiquitous in the modern world. Like Venom, Electro just fell victim to a weak plot and became a generic mad villain in the end, being defeated in an equally generic way, Electro has never been a top tier Spidey villain to be fair but it would have been nice to see more done with him.


Venom (Spiderman 3)

Don’t get me wrong, Venom isn’t a bad character at all,  actually he’s pretty awesome in my opinion, a fan favourite for Spidey fans and the anti-thesis to Spiderman, he’s sort of essential and there’s something cool about villains that are very similar to the main protagonist in some ways but completely different in others, he was just used weirdly in Spiderman 3, which is a shame. Probably being miscast with Topher Grace as well, or so many Spiderman fans will tell you. I don’t think Grace gave a bad performance per se either but the plot just didn’t do him justice.


Hobgoblin – (Amazing Spiderman 2)

So making this list, I totally forgot Dane Dehaans Hobgoblin and yeah, what a weird way to introduce such a big villain for Spiderman, Dehaan’s a brilliant actor but boy was this a bad role for him, a rushed way of making Harry Osborn the bad guy with not much sense to it and firmly putting him into generic villain territory, a true shame and one of the major criticism of The Amazing Spiderman 2 for a lot of fans.

Game Of Thrones season 7 – official trailer

Winter is here and so is the official Game of Thrones trailer, after some interesting teasers and a teaser trailer, we’re just days away from season 7 now and we have

our official look at things to come. We start with some already heard dialogue – Cersei talking about the current situation in Westeros, with enemies to the north, east, south and west, basically the Lannisters are screwed… but Cersei remains defiant.

War seems to be a big theme here and that’s no surprise, with the major players for the Throne all that bit closer to clashing for it, we see Daenerys seemingly in Westeros as well (in Dragonstone?) seeking her claim as well, that Targaryen blood in her is driving her forward for sure, hopefully not driving her crazy though. And we see the Unsullied army or parts of it, in a clash of some sort, will we see conqueror Daenerys even more this season?

Littlefinger makes another appearance, seemingly trying to influence Sansas for some presumably nefarious means, while Jon Snow seems to have his followers rallied but we know not everyone believes in or cares about White Walkers, though Ser Davos clearly does and wants to make a point of it, calling for people to rally together. And what follows is a montage of what to expect from this season, war, battles, Dothraki, dragons, the whole lot really and that’s some pretty exciting stuff to be honest. One interesting thing to me is the lack of Greyjoys in the trailer, though we get a glimpse of Theon, I wonder how important they’ll be this season….

And while we don’t get a tonne of new information in the trailer and already knew what to expect, it’s cool to see some new footage just a few days before the season premiere. Season 7 premieres on Sunday the 16th of July and I can’t wait.

Opinion piece: reasons why Game Of Thrones season 7 should be awesome

Huzzah, Game Of Thrones is nearly upon us one again, after being off air for a seeming eternity following the explosive season 6 finale and with all the buzz around it, there’s a lot to look forward to for sure, with the show now going off from the books pretty much completely  and the showrunners taking the story in their own direction. Hare are 3 reasons to look forward to season 7.

Major characters finally colliding

One of, if not the most exciting thing to look forward to for season 7 is the big characters finally meeting each other, or so we think, I mean Daenerys is on her way to Westeros along with the returning Tyrion and will definitely meet some people on her way to Kings Landing. And with Jon Snow, Sansa, Littlefinger and Jons’ cohorts, presumably Jon will be travelling southwards to gather support against the White Walkers in the great war.

There could be a multitude of interesting match ups to come and seeing the major players meeting, interacting and seeing what they do to each other or for each other is intriguing, it’s what has made the show so fascinating so far and it’s a major selling point of the season.

I’m particularly looking forward to seeing Jon Snow and Dany meeting, if they do this season – and that would be quite a scene, wouldn’t it? What do they say to each other? Do they see eye to eye? Not to mention Dany and Cersei, Jon Snow and Jamie Lannister potentially, The Greyjoys and the Lannisters, all the possibilities!

The story diverging from the books

Season 7 is an interesting point in the series as a whole as we now are going with the shows writers and showrunners imaginations for the story essentially and not with George R R Martin, I’m sure he’s as interested in what’s to come as we, the fans are and I don’t really know what’s going to happen and neither do you, exciting, isn’t it? I mean there are several theories and ideas on things to come but we have no concrete information of course, GRRM have an overall idea for the story in his mind and the show could do a complete 180 on it, or be entirely different, the routes the plots could take from now are endless and it’s an exciting prospect for the writers and showrunners I’m sure.

Hell, they could go full GRRM and kill off major players in the show just because they can, or have the Lannisters rise back to power and dominate Westeros (please no) but yeah you get the point, the story can branch off into some interesting avenues now.

Building up to the series finale

It’s sad and kind of crazy to say that this is the penultimate season of the entire series, seriously where has the time gone? But yeah, we’ll be getting less than 10 episodes this season and the same again for season 8 and that’s it for the main show, so the writers kind of have to escalate and move things forward, because they’re running out of screentime, quite literally.

And This doesn’t mean things have to be rushed but it does but emphasis on more concise storytelling and less filler, plottarcs will need to be pushed along, certain things will have to happen and be in place for the climactic season 8 and we’ll presumably see a lot of eventful set up come the end of season 7, which is pretty great. So if you’ve bemoaned the series before over fillers and slow pacing in more recent seasons, I doubt we’ll be getting much of that in seasons 7 or 8 as we build up to the finale of the series. This season should also be fairly eventful because it’s more or less the set up for the ending, though I’m sure a lot will still happen plot wise, along with some significant story set up for things to come.

So that’s just a snippet of some of my thoughts on the upcoming season 7, something I’m majorly excited for and we’re just 6 days away now…. can it just be sunday already?