So the idea for this post came to me pretty much out of the blue, I’ve noticed I don’t talk about directors that much on TheDoc in terms of my favourites, favourites in certain genres etc so I’d like to change things up a bit and talk about 3 exciting directors currently that are doing quite well for themselves and look to have pretty successful futures in directing. And here they are below, with just a few films they’ve each done.


Denis Villenueve – Arrival, Sicario, Prisoners.

Mr Villenueve is very on the up director at the moment after a string of critical hit films, that being pretty much every film he’s put out to be honest people can’t seem to get enough of his work with his expressive, stylistic way of filming and working with intriguing, slow build premises. He’s also not a one trick pony and his films couldn’t be more different too each other, though you could say he favours mystery, thrillers/dramas, Villenueve attracts a lot of star power to his films as well and this only a strength to his potential for making quality films.

And with clear story telling, captivating characters and plots, his films are almost becoming events in the vein of one Christopher Nolan with a lot of people anticipating them and expecting great things each and every time I myself am always interested to hear of a new project he’s working and always look forward to it and I’m intrigued to see where his career takes him.


Ryan Coogler – Creed, Fruitvale Station 

The youngest director on this list, Ryan Coogler already has some solid critical hits under his belt with Creed and Fruitvale Station, while his filmography thus far is pretty small, I can see a lot of potential for him to get some great films under his belt and keep knocking it out of the park and his next film, Black Panther will most likely be another hit (I mean it is Marvel). But yeah, there’s a very gritty, realism to his film with great cinematography and a relatable element to the characters he presents that makes his plots very engaging in my opinion.


Adam Wingard – The GuestYou’re NextV/H/S

Wingard is one of the more creative minds out there in the horror thriller genre with some of the more unique premises I’ve seen for films in recent years, his projects are always just very different and I like that he goes away from the mainstream, having completed the Netflix live action adaptation of Death Note which is out in a few weeks actually. One thing thrillers and horror films need and have always needed I feel is nuance and creativity and its always a welcome thing to see different, new ideas, frenetic action and crazy, captivating plots that only seem to get more interesting as the film goes on.

I like that Wingard chooses interesting projects as it means his repertoire is will be varied and he’ll avoid repeat film plots and ideas.

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