So this is it guys… the final trailer for Marvels upcoming Infinity War and possibly the most important film in the MCU to date, as the Avengers, Guardians and other heroes all come together to fight Thanos for the fate of humanity and oh you know, the universe… as Gamora clearly puts it in the start of the trailer. We do get some interesting looking new footage from this trailer as well, laying out Thanos’ plan – in his words to bring balance… wiping out half of the universe and humanity along with it.

It’s great to see the Avengers + The Guardians finally interacting after much teasing and the chemistry looks pretty natural, Star Lord and Tony in particular make for a fun pairing. Thanos is after the rest of the infinity stones as we all know, one in Visions’ head and one with Dr Strange in the eye of Agammoto, which leads him to Earth to find them, it’s also interesting to note that Thanos still hasn’t met any of the Avengers or Guardians bar Nebula and Gamora (his daughters).

It seems that the Avengers come up with some sort of plan to protect some or both of the stones? In Wakanda, bringing Steve, Bucky, Hulk, Falcon and Black Widow there, where they’re set on by Thanos’ army, Thor seems to be somewhere not good as he’s tortured by Thanos as his black order and Loki (what, another betrayal? Or maybe he’s captured) watch on.

Meanwhile, Tony, Star Lord, Drax and Spiderman are all together as well somewhere…. this is curious as I guess the Avengers are not all together for one reason or another following Civil War and we still don’t see Vision or Scarlett Witch fighting, nor do we see Star Lord or Tony in Wakanda… unless they’re come up with some sort of plan to take on Thanos. Anyway we see fighting as is to be expected, as well as Captain America taking on Thanos 1 on 1, which is the bravest and possibly also the worst idea ever but he does seem to be putting up a fight which makes for a great shot. With the trailer ending on Spiderman and Dr Strange meeting and having a funny exchange, showing Marvels consistent humorous nature despite this being a decidedly dark and serious MCU film from the looks of it.

All in all it’s a great trailer, I don’t know if it’ll break records like the last Inifnity War trailer but the hype is already here, mark it down – April 27th people, this is going to be a thrill ride.

Just some additional thoughts

. Where are Vision and Scarlett Witch in all of this?

. Assuming Thanos gets the mind stone, is Vision dead?

. Is Loki playing each side for his own or is he just in Thanos pocket?

. Will the Avengers plan for taking on Thanos include his daughters?

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