One film that I completely missed but one that intrigued me was Bright, an upcoming netflix original film by David Ayer interestingly, it’s part Training Day and part Lord of The Rings according to a recent quote from Will Smith and I can definitely see that, the film also stars Will Smith, Joel Edgerton and Noomi Rapace.

The plot is a modern day crime drama, set in Los Angeles inhabited with fantastical creatures, including orcs, who seem to have racial tension with normal humans, Daryl Ward (Will Smith) is paired with an Orc in order ot find a mysterious and powerful weapon and has to confront his own doubts and discriminations possibly against Orcs as they go the beat together. They’ll probably learn eah others worlds and get along…. or not, but have to work together nonetheless, Daryl and Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton) come across a powerful item in the form of a magical wand that can grant any wish and of course, several people will be after it and want to use it for their own means.

The premise is intriguing, very reminiscent of End Of Watch in the way the story seems to be but with the fantastical element of course, cops, gangs, fairies and orcs, it’s an interesting mix and also something different for David Ayer, though he’s done sci-fi and a comic book film in Suicide Squad, seeing him touch fantasy is something a bit left of field. Bright is out on Netflix later in the year.

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