Marvels fast approaching The Defenders has a new trailer, showcasing the four now heroes together, coming up against an ominous force as we’ve seen in the first trailer, the mastermind behind it all behind Sigourney Weaver or Alexandra in the series as she seemingly wants to use a re-born Elektra (Elodie Young) to take them on.

The defenders clearly don’t get along from the get go and seeing their mix of personalities try to co-operate should be half the fun of watching the series really, especially anything with Jessica Jones and Darddevil and well… anyone else in the group. We see that the friends and family of the defenders are being targeted deliberately as well to mess with them and interestingly even Madame Gao is in the picture, maybe unsurprisingly, though I wonder what she’d agree to do with Alexandra. Coleen Wing is also present as we see her in the first shot of the trailer.

And action, more action than you can shake a stick at really with the defenders going all out in combat together as they try to save New York, though things won’t be smooth sailing, Daredevil re-unites with Elektra and that may throw a spanner in the works, his ex-girlfriend now being a re-born brainwashed killer and you never know what circumstances may drive the group apart. Anyway overall I think the show looks good, they’ve upped the ante for the super powered characters and I always thought they’d need a formidable opponent for all 4 of them to take on, the stakes are high and it will be awesome to see the characters interacting.

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