Hello friends! No this is not Joshua aka the Doc writing. My name is Renate, species unidentified, and I’m over here on Josh’s amazing blog to write a little review. Hope you like it as much as you like Josh’s reviews (if that’s even possible) Here we go!


Adam Sandler enters our screens with a comedy like no other. It’s time to show the kids what it’s like to spend 4th of July at a lake house rather than watching TV. Directed by Dennis Dugan and starring some brilliant actors like Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Salma Hayek, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider, Maya Rudolph and many more.

I have to say that Grown Ups is one of my go to movies when I’m feeling sad. It’s just so funny and enjoyable. I’m a big Adam Sandler fan and I always think he brings the humor to the table. I also love that the movie is about both adults and children because it makes the story a lot more eventful. One might think that there’s way too many characters in the movie but I really think they have found the right balance. I don’t feel like there should be more focus on one person or less on another.

Another thing I really enjoy with Grown Ups is the environment. The whole change between the comfortable lifestyle they all have and the lake house/the outdoor environment is remarkable and I loved the lake house. It was so darn beautiful. I also really enjoyed how the whole story fit together from the start to the end.

Overall I have to say that it’s such a good movie with a lot of humor and drama. It’s lovely to see families come together and have fun. Amazing characters and brilliant actors as well. I would definitely recommend this movie!


. Lovely environment

. Fun story with a lot of comedy

. Fantastic characters, both children and adults


And thank you Renate for that review and I’m glad to have had you onboard, check out her blog at https://popcornandfilm.wordpress.com for similar reviews and her thoughts on film!

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