The new Justice League trailer was released today at Comic Con, a bank heist is in progress and school kids/the public flee for their lives when Wonder Woman bursts through onto the scene and takes out the would be robbers, leg sweep hair flip, perfection, we also see that Diana has a day job as an art curator, her co-workers obviously unaware of her alter ego as Wonder Woman.

In London, we see a black flag for Superman and we hear of the world being in mourning after Supermans death following Batman V Superman (make up your mind folks, love him, hate him, love him again!) meanwhile Batman seems to have gone out of action as well for maybe related reasons, though we’ll find out why exactly when the film’s out. Diana talks to Bruce about assembling the league and on Themyscira, a mysterious being teleports down, and it looks like it’s DC villain Steppenwolf.

So not exactly Darkseid just yet but a formidable foe nonetheless who seems to be commanding Darkseids’ army of Parademons. We see the league assembled though not fully, sans Superman of course and with no Green Lantern (yet). The Flash talks about how he’s inexperienced and not actually a fighter like Batman or Wonder Woman and this is an interesting dynamic, I thought this Flash was fairly experienced but it turns out it may be the opposite in terms of actually fighting villains.

We see the league fighting both Parademons and Steppenwolf himself which looks pretty rad, with some pretty spectacular set pieces and big action sequences being teased, this will definitely be a packed film plot wise. We also get some nice humour from the Flash on how the League characters just disappear without saying goodbye when they talk to James Gordon, which is a nice nod to Batmans knack for doing this in his TV series and in films. And we finish things off with Alfred being visited by….. someone, someone who told Alfred that they would show up, interesting, Superman possibly? Green Lantern? I’m assuming this is likely Superman and if it is, it’s great that they didn’t show him, we know he’s coming back anyway but I want to keep his reveal a bit of a mystery for now.

Anyway the trailer is pretty good, in line with the first one more or less with some ore action being teased, we know why the League is getting together and we’ve gotten a touch more from the characters and their distinct personalities, though some more on Cyborg would be nice – I guess we will see more of him in the film itself. And the latest DCEU entry, Justice League is out in November.

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