So you’ve probably heard about the upcoming Han Solo film and more to the point, the somewhat ecent controversy surrounding it with Lord and Miller, former directors of the film being fired though they were mostly done with filming and replaced with John Hughes… and yes it was kind of a big deal and an interesting eye opener on the desired tone of the film and potential issues with it.

From the grapevine, it seems that Lord and Miller were going for too much comedy and improvisation and it just wasn’t quite working and fair enough, the film seems to have moved ahead with a solid new choice in John Hughes but I still sort of have my doubts, doubts that I brushed aside after seeing the cast reveal and seeing Donald Glover and Woody Harrelson. The recent controversy has brought up the first question everyone (mostly Star Wars fans) asked when the project came to light, who wants to see a Han Solo film? The answer to the question is…. interesting, some people do care as it turns out but I still get the feeling that a lot of people are ambivalent or simply don’t really care for it.

Though that being said, I’m sure a lot of the mixed feeling people such as myself will end up going to see it when it’s out in theatres, the problem isn’t with the characters – Han and Chewbacca are at the heart of Star Wars and fans love them, but it’s more with the intention behind the film I suppose, giving us answers to questions no one was really asking, how did Han and Chewie meet? Is Han, Hans’ real name…? And unfortunately It’s far too easy to criticise the films existence for being one long answer to questions that no one really cared for.

That is sort of where my doubt comes in, not that the film necessarily be bad but I’m really curious in regards to its reception, this is definitely the first Star Wars film I feel legitimately lukewarm on which is weird to say as I’m a huge SW fan, I just don’t have a burning desire to see it, like I did for Rogue One or any of the mainline films. I think part of my doubt comes from this being a film so far removed from the mainline stories for one, I highly doubt we’ll see any Jedi and probably not any Skywalkers either, or the force – all things I love about the films and that is a bit of a bummer. But I have to add a rebuttal to that, because I did quite like Rogue One, which was devoid of the force for the most part and Jedi/Sith, apart from Darth Vader and the film did show that film going audiences, namely Star Wars fans will still flock to new films in the franchise even if they’re not about Jedi.

And anyway, we do need more Star Wars films that don’t centre around Death Stars, Jedi or Skywalkers in the long run, if the franchise is to survive and continue to tell interesting, captivating stories that don’t feel repetitive but I’m just wondering if the Han Solo film will be one of those types of stories and more importantly, do enough people really care about Hans’ background to really go out and watch the film? These are interesting questions no doubt but time will tell and we’ll get a good barometer of how people are feeling when a trailer eventually drops – I’m thinking around the time of The Last Jedi and near the end of the year but we shall see when the time comes.

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