Jurassic world trailer reaction

Yes, it’s here finally… a solid look at the somewhat long awaited new instalment in the Jurassic Park franchise, I say somewhat because it’s a film lots of people have wanted but also a film lots of people weren’t actively pining for, said people will go and watch it for sure but they haven’t been eagerly waiting for it.

And you know what, reaction on youtube comments, EW.com, Digitalspy and other sites that have hosted the trailer seems a bit mixed, I was expecting a mostly positive reception but not everyone seems to love the premise – which I do by the way. I don’t think it’s re-hashing Jurassic Park 1 at all and the hybrid dinosaur idea is pretty cool to me. And in fact, if the film wants to somewhat follow the formula for Jurassic Park 1, the universally loved and acclaimed film in the JP franchise, that’s a bad thing?

I like the idea that Jurassic World will focus on a main antagonist dinosaur as well, rather than have characters go on an adventure of sorts, getting attacked all along the way *cough JP3 cough*. This way it feels more natural, crazy hybrid dino breaks out, wrecks the island, kills a lot of people, people have to evacuate…. as sci-fi as Jurassic Park is, if this scenario was played out in real life, you’d imagine one killer dinosaur would escape rather than all of them.

Which isn’t to say that I think Jurassic World will only focus on the hybrid she-beast, we all know we’ll see raptors – we already have in the trailers, the giant lumbering brachiosauruses etc, probably Pterodactyls at some point but I doubt we’ll see the franchises signature antagonist dino though, or if we do it may be in reference only. Though how cool would a hybrid she beast, T-Rex fight be?

Anyway from what we did see in the trailer, I’m impressed, the subtle Jurassic Park theme near the end felt quite emotional and sombre, hinting at the tone of the movie, the dinosaurs looked great from what we did see and Chris Pratt is looking awesome in it already. The premise has me hooked already and if they give the hybrid dino a 2014 Godzilla treatment, albeit actually giving it enough screen time but not showing it in every scene, that would be pretty great.

It’s a weird one because Jurassic Park is overt at its’ nature, the films are about showing dinosaurs in the modenr day in all their glory and splendour, but the teasers of the hybrid from Jurassic World hint that the hybrid may not be centre stage throughout, which is an interesting turn for the Jurassic Park Series. Yes Jurassic Park 3 did do the long tease for the superdino but it eventually was centre stage but we’ll see how Jurassic World goes. And so far it’s looking good.

So Video Game High School just ended…

Yes, it’s the end of an era, the best web-series that I’ve seen just finished, after 3 seasons and much critical online acclaim, VGHS has graduated, to use a lame education related pun but it was actually really good, a very entertaining and very well written show throughout, that got better as it went on, it’s an easy recommendation if you’re an avid PC or console gamer and also into web-series in general.

The show has fantastic humour, with biting sarcasm of popular video game tropes and clichés in genres like RPGs, FPS, racing and fighting games for example, while also highlighting how cliques of gamers in the school (fans of different game genres) don’t really get along or interact at all, quite like in real life actually.

The show came from the mind of visual effects creator Freddie Wong, the show started in 2012 and quickly grew a passionate online fanbase that lapped it up, it just grew from there, with better special effects, longer running times (from 15 minutes in season 1 to 40 by season 3) and even celebrity cameos, e.g. Nathan Kress, Joel Mchale, Tony Hawk, it was great to watch the show grow as a unique project and flourish online.

Its’ success just stands as a reminder of how any concept, if done well enough can be a hit on the internet and yeah it is just a really well made show, entertaining from start to finish, with great effects for a web series and great acting throughout, definitely check it out if you haven’t seen it and if you have, that ending right? Also a few more episodes for season 3 would have been nice…. but hey, the show was great, I expectantly await Freddie Wongs’ next creation.

Oh and this post is about a week out (VGHS aired its’ last episode last Monday) but it’s still somewhat fresh.

2014, year of the geek

It’s been an interesting year, fantastic for your average comic book fan with the long awaited network premieres of The Flash, Constantine and the now divisive Gotham, as well as huge cinematic releases like the widely praised and well received Guardians Of The Galaxy and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, not forgetting X-Men Days Of Future Past and The Amazing Spiderman 2 (that did come out this year right? I’ve seen it like 3 times already).

Amyway this year has just more re-inforced one thing if anything, that geek culture is practically now popular culture, also including the ongoing popularity of comic book adaptations on TV in recent years with shows like Arrow and Agents Of Shield. Not to mention the multiple netflix series coming in 2015 (Daredevil, Luke Cage), not forgetting the slew of DC and Marvel movies that are on the way in the next 5-6 years.

Maybe this post title is a bit of a misnomer, with the 2010s’ widely being the decade of the geek, but 2014 has been a good year in particular for comic book fans, but something interesting to think about, what is the lasting appeal of comic adaptations on TV and in film? Why isn’t everyone bored of comic book films yet? Why doesn’t D.C. just re-name Batman Vs Superman, Justice League? So many questions, it would be interesting to look into all of them and I aim to, but not just in post.

I like how traditionally geeky things like Doctor Who, comic books and liking sci-fi and fantasy are somewhat cool these days, you’d almost be considered un-cool for not liking or ever watching a megahit like Game Of Thrones for example. Or for not at least saying 1 or 2 of the pretty much annual comic book movies, it’s interesting to note how these things formerly viewed as being geeky are now part of normal conversation about TV and film.

Talking about the new villain on Arrow or how cool it is that Marvel announced Captain America: Civil War amongst a number of other exciting films is kinda normal now and in fact, it’s a shame that geek culture was traditionally sidelined and always seen as alternative. When it has always had the same appeal and in my opinion, coolness about it, albeit with much more mainstream appeal now, bigger budgets and huge studios pushing sci-fi and fantasy shows and films out there.

Is it a good thing thing that geek culture and pop culture are somewhat merged in an odd, mutually beneficial way, or is it a bad thing? I’m a bit mixed on the answer, it’s a thing for sure, but you know, if more people are getting into great sci-fi, fantasy or any other traditionally geeky genres books, comics and or films because of the now mainstream identity of geek culture, then that’s awesome and I applaud it.

Oh and 2015-16,-17 and so on will also be the years of the geek and long may it continue, I suppose.

Intro to Docthewho

Hello and welcome to Docthewho, if you’re wondering what this blog is about, well a bit of everything, things that interest me specifically and things that you probably care about, from films, to TV, to music and more broadly, ‘pop culture’ in general.

If you’re here because you’re a Dr Who fan looking for a new dedicated Doctor Who blog, you’ll probably be a bit disappointed, well I am a big Dr Who fan actually but no, this isn’t a Who blog. Anyway I’ll try to keep posting regularly, about things I’ve liked from 2014 entertainment wise and things I’m looking forward to as well, I game quite frequently too, so I may post reviews or game previews every now and then.