So there’s this little anthology show called Black Mirror that you may have heard of and may be watching right now…. or very recently, well it’s great and though I’ve never really talked about it on here, I’ve been watching it since it started here in the UK in 2011, exploring dark, dystopian futures that expand on modern lifes obsession with technology. I also love sci-fi and modern/emerging tech so the show really hits the spot for me, anyway I’m almost through season 4 and will rank that soon but I’m starting off with the first season and moving forward. Here’s my ranking (I haven’t seen The Entire history of you).


The National Anthem (episode 1)

A princess in the royal family has been kidnapped and her kidnapper well… he has a very specific set of demands for UK prime minister Michael Callow, forcing him to take drastic measures in order to get her back, in a very politically charged climate at the time of the episode and even more so now in the UK, the premise felt very of the times albeit a bit to extremes (like every Black Mirror premise). But with some good acting (Rory Kinnear as the PM), great tension and a plot that kept you guessing, you really didn’t know how it was going to end and that kept things interesting, also delving into the fact of being faced with impossible situations, would you humiliate yourself and possibly end your career to save someones life? It’s a immoral and dark question you’ll probably never face but epitomizes the essence of the show.

it may be one of the more forgotten episode among recent seasons but it’s still one of the best.


Fifty Million Merits (episode 2)

A biting sarcastic look at reality TV and the lengths people go to, to get fame and fortune, this is very much a commentary on our current society and the sometimes unfortunate mental state of people who go on such shows and the way they get exploited for views or get surprising opportunities to continue to work in the media off the back of controversial behaviour or actions. With an interesting ending to boot that is genuinely quite surprising, almost undermining the whole premise of the episode, it serves as some great satire to the way reality TV and parts of the media work. Also an early starring role for Daniel Kaluuya (star of Get Out, also in the upcoming Black Panther)

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