So Black Mirror‘s sort of a brilliant anthology show that I’ve never really talked about on TheDoc but now with its growing popularity and everyone knowing about it because of Netflix, it’s on just about everyones radar and for good reason, with the quality of the writing and directing in a lot of the episodes.


White Bear (episode 2) 

There’s something satisfying yet also a bit twisted in seeing people get their comeuppance and taste of justice in the way Black Mirror does it anyway, but an intriguing premise and a feeling of karma drives the story, as we follow a bystander of an accident who didn’t help, now being recorded and watched by people as she seemingly embarks on a sort of reality show. The story is tense, keeps you guessing and makes a clear allegory to societies obsession with watching other people, especially at their lowest, the bystander effect is a real thing and is all too common in this day and age.


The Waldo Moment (episode 3)

Stinging political satire and all the more relevant in the age of Donald Trump and the circus-ification of politics, the premise is completely absurd but at the same time all to real and poignant in this day and age. A story that feels very relevant, even years before the state of politics as we know it now. It’s an interesting and it makes for a very irreverent, sarcastic take on the gamification of many aspects of society, including politics and how making a joke out of something can lead to a run away impact / monster that you can’t control anymore, just take a look at viral trends for a sort of comparison.This is Black Mirror at some of its most satirical and sardonic nature.


Be Right Back (episode 1) 

‘Be right back’ didn’t really resonate with me that much but I appreciate the idea behind the macabre premise, though maybe because I’ve seen the idea so many times before it didn’t really make that much of an impact on me. That being said, the acting is decent and there is a strong emotional core to the story of two lovers trying to connect beyond death in a rather superficial way via technology. The emphasis here in my view being that technology can only imitate and provide virtual experiences, which can never beat the real thing, no matter how close they come…. even with futuristic technology.

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