I know, its a bit late now for a Superbowl post but It’s another year and another Superbowl has gone by (which I didn’t really watch, due to being British) but I did catch a few trailers as I was still awake and excited to see first looks at a few films. Anyway here’s my ranking of what we did see, noting that some most ‘trailers’ were just 30 second TV spots.


Mission Impossible: Fallout

The new MI film is a film I had no expectations for up until about last week when I saw Cruise, Cavill and some of the cast on Graham Norton the other week and well, I’m pleasantly surprised as I ten to be with every new MI release. The premise looks interesting, Cruise again looks to be in his element and the action looks great, especially knowing he did all of them himself and with almost no CGI. The cast is again solid and the additions of Henry Cavill and Angela Bassett should spice things up, colour me interested.


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Now that’s now how you make a good Jurassic Park trailer, following the events of world, Owen and Claire are back on the island but not for long, volcanic eruption and all – and saving dinosaurs seems to be the main theme here but here comes some nefarious people who have gone and created another artificial dinosaur – cos that worked so well the last time right? Anyway it’s notably smaller this time but looks pretty menacing, I have to say I didn’t expect that and it may be tied into the notion of making armed, weaponised dinosaurs from Jurassic World, its stupid but still something different. Anyway the trailer’s good, with action, some horror elements and surprises, muc better trailer than the first one.


Avengers: Infinity War

We already have our first full trailer for the film, just 3 months away now and of course, it looks good but we get some new footage here, mostly character stills from different locations with some interesting interactions – Iron Man and Dr Strange, Cap and Black Panther (which we saw already) but with Caps new shield in action. I’m intrigued to see why the Avengers are all in varying locations and how everything ties together with Thanos being the big threat but Wakanda seems to be the central location for the action to took place…. or so I think. Good teaser overall.


Solo: A Star Wars Story

I’ve wanted to see something, anything from Solo for a while now and we finally got our first look at it, it’s hard to really judge anything of note from 30 seconds or random footage but it looks…. not terrible I guess? Alden Ehnreichs hair still looks a bit ridiculous but there’s some interesting looking action and the visuals look a bit gritty in the vein of Rogue One so if it’s anything approaching the quality of Rogue One then we should be in for a treat.


The Cloverfield Paradox

I have not yet seen Paradox but I don’t really know what to make of this teaser either way, it was so out of the blue and well, strange and though I love Cloverfield, I’m a bit wary on the announcement of random sequels/prequels with no build up whatsoever. Anyway its enough to get me to watch the film but yeah, it’s a bit odd.



In what may be the most Dwayne Johnson film ever, DJ is a loving father with a wife and 2 kids who has to somehow get them off a really high floor on a skyscraper that’s on fire… of course he does, it looks stupid and generic but I’ll probably watch it, because Dwayne.

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