As you probably know, Solo: A Star Wars Story is out soon, I mean like 2 and a half months from now – May 25th to be precise and that’s cool, May was a release month for a Star Wars film (Revenge Of The Sith) and none since but it’s a good enough month, school’s ending for kids and summer film season officially kicks off in this month according to most people but there’s one big problem and I have no idea how Disney/Kathleen Kennedy/whoever makes the final decision with the films production is ok with it.

The release date, oh god the release date…. or release window more specifically, it’s terrible and not on the face of it but because Solo is sandwiched between some sure to be mega-hits which will all but ensure a reduced box office run and maybe even failure, the first genuine box office flop for a A Star Wars film that people are already so-so about? Quite possibly. You see, it’s out about a month after Avengers: Infinity War (April 27th) which is fair enough you say, Avengers will have cleaned house and grossed its $1 billion way before then in all likelihood so it won’t be the main competition and that’s likely… but you’d be forgetting another major May release – Deadpool 2.

The Merc with a mouths anticipated sequel is out on May 18th, just a week before Solo, the film going audience for the two films is for sure going to inter-sect quite a bit but with the runaway success Deadpool, it’s not a film anyone really wants to go up against, especially with the hype and avid fanbase it already has, who will probably go for repeat viewings. Oh and don’t forget a little film called Incredibles 2, sequel to one of the most beloved Pixar and animated films of all time, out on June 15th, just about 3 weeks after Solos debut, again pretty bad news for a film that will pretty much 100% have a sizeable weekend opening… oh and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom‘s out the week after that on June 22nd just for good effect. So all in all, I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

So what does this spell for Solo? Well a bit of uncertainty really, we’re not sure how the film will do critically, how people will receive Alden Ehenreich as Solo though I think he will definitely be divisive, we’re not sure how this will shape ‘Star Wars story’ films in fans eyes going forward, there’s just a lot of uncertainty here but this release window specifically might just have killed Solo before it’s even out, the film has also been embroiled in a recent poster plagiarism controversy just to add to the troubles surrounding the project. Anyway I don’t want to be a bad news bear and write off the film before even seeing it and to be honest always want a Star Wars film to do well – but it’s got an uphill battle for sure, it may be very hampered in potential returns because of the films releasing around it but this will be an interesting test for Disney and Star Wars. Disney will be effectively competing with itself with Infinity War and Solo but we’ll see how a non-mainline Star Wars film does against potential big competition, Rogue One did very well for itself during its run but two things – that was in December, now a big month for potential commercial success for tent pole films and again, it was pretty closely tied to the mainline Star Wars story, which Solo is even further removed from.

I can’t pretend to know the answer for a perfect release date for Solo and I’m not a film industry professional but May and June are both pretty packed with big franchise films coming out, so maybe a later release could have done the trick? But hey if the film sticks with its date, we may never know.

Will Star Wars fans still flock to the film despite it being an origin story, having no Jedi (most likely) and despite a few fans not really wanting it at all? It remains to be seen but I have to say, the film has my curiosity piqued and I’m really interested in seeing how it ends up doing, for Disney and for Star Wars as a whole.

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