The funky new Thor Ragnarok trailer is upon us, Thor recounts his recent events, losing his hammer which is destroyed by Hela, him going on a journey of self discovery as he tries to regain his powers and finding himself on Sakar, the alien planet where he’s being made to duel Hulk. Thor and Hulk do indeed buddy up and discuss current events, Hela has invaded and decimated Asgard and she needs to be stopped, of course, funnily Bruce Banner also doesn’t even remember fighting Thor.

Moving on, Hela wants to have Asgard re-born, bringing about Ragnarok which will be the end of everything as Thor aptly puts it, so Thor wants to stop her with a team (including Hulk), Valkyrie and even a chained up Loki, who is mistrusted as ever and boy is it great to see Tom Hiddlestone back in the MCU again, eh. Seeing Loki and Thor tea up once again, like they did in Thor: The Dark World should be interesting and yeah, the visuals are trippy, very cyberpunk for a Thor film actually with space ships, combining that with Asgard, the Skybridge etc is an interesting mix up and I’m curious to see how it all works out.

Helas strength makes her a very formidable foe and we see this in snippets, she seemingly knocks Loki out of the skybridge teleportation and goes head to head with Thor and understandably as she is quite powerful, even facing Thors entire new team on the skybridge in what may be a concluding fight in the film and again how awesome is it that Hulk is even in this? The sheer fact that Ruffalo/The Hulk is present is great but having Hulk in for a good chunk of the film would be an easy crowd pleaser and I hope that’s the case, rather than having him for just a few scenes.

Also I love seeing Hulk talk some more and his exchange with Thor is quite funny and to cap it all off, Hulk vs Surtur (that giant red demon at the end)… I am so in.

Overall there’s a nice, light tone to the film that I’m getting that fits very well with Thors’ character and you can see the influence that the director – Taika Waititi is bringing, the film looks to have a lot of levity and it should be a blast, with great visuals to boot. Thor: Ragnarok premieres in November.

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